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Kefir is a simple and inexpensive product that can be prepared in home easier. It’s boon for all that’s why we started our unit  kefir India.

Kefir  is the refreshing flavor with many reputed health benefits, has many antibiotic, and antifungal properties can be used for treatment under various conditions.

Kefir is one of fermented milk drink and contains the source of many nutrients. It is originated from the Europe and southwest Asia.

We have well established kefir grains India with our strong quality. It’s the best time to buy kefir grains India .We are the best kefir manufacture in India.

Every day our customers searching  where to buy kefir India products that’s why we providing quality kefir India products like milk kefir grains India ,water kefir India, Kombucha scoby India.Try once in life time you will never forget our kefir India product.

Kefir India : Buy Kefir Grains India 2017

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Kefir can supply manufacturers from cow, goat, buffalo or ewe milk and by adding individual grains to milk. Many recipes can be done by using kefir such as spectacular kefir drink; fresh kefir dressing contains no oil etc. and it is the ancient antidote for modern maladies.

The naturally occurring bacteria and yeast combine in kefir tends to excellent health when it is regularly consumed.We have quality milk kefir grains India ,water kefir India, Kombucha scoby India only available in kefir in India only.

The lactic acid present in the kefir turns lactose into lactic acid that makes the better taste and also contains a huge variety of bio-active compounds as organic acids and peptides that give more health. Kefir is stronger than yogurt and has the potent of Antibacterial properties that believe in protecting against infections.

Kefir India can increase the bone strength and lowers the risk of osteoporosis, especially among elderly women. My customer bought kefir India products notable products are kombucha scoby India, Water kefir India and milk kefir grains India.

Cancer is one of the world leading things to cause death by the growth of the abnormal cell in the body that can be controlled by using kefir, and various digestive problems can be rectified by balancing the friendly bacteria in the gut.

Best Kefir In : Kefir Grains India

Kefir India can be prepared quickly at home from any milk, and it is done by using gelatinous white or yellow particles are called as “grains.” Don’t know how to prepare kefir milk India we have standard quality and don’t headache yourself from scratch try our product milk kefir grains India  and cure from all problems.

Kefir gets easily digested and cleans the intestine by providing the beneficial bacteria, vitamins and minerals and complete proteins. The regular use of kefir India eliminates unhealthy foods by changing the body into more balanced and nourished.

Just by combining some fruits with kefir can make the healthiest and tastiest desserts, which you have ever tasted.Try our kefir grains India it’s delicious and feeling yummy too.

Kefir is also readily available in our branded website.Check out our products kombucha scoby India,water kefir India. It is so delicious, nutritious and highly sustainable that makes to become a favorite on it. Kefir India is delicious and sweetable .

Kefir India contains the capabilities of curing many allergic reactions and has excellent nutritional content that gives more health-maintenance benefits under many conditions.

The entire product look like coral or tiny clumps of cauliflower and finally grains are removed by using strainer before consumption and then added to the new set of milk.

Kefir is an acidic and alcoholic fermented milk product which contains small amount acidic taste and also has creamy constancy which was originated in Balkans, in the Europe country.

The production process of kefir is simple than yogurt production. Initially, one gallon of milk has to be taken and heat the milk gently at 86 Farad to conserve these bacteria’s and enzymes. Some person, heat the milk at room temperature.

But it is not the desirable one. 86 Farad is the optimum temperature for starting the culture process. If you are done this heating process at room temperature, then you will not get complete kefir. After completing the heating process, then milk is allowed to cool at room temperature for some time. Then you have to transfer the cooled milk to a sanitized urn.

Further, you need to add one pack of kefir culture into the sanitized container. You can add either C45 culture or C46 culture. Both cultures have more or less same characteristics. After adding, then you need to stir it well to mix the culture and warm milk. Suppose if you have a fresh kefir, you can add 1 to 1.5 tablespoon of culture per quart of milk. Also, you can continue this process till the kefir changes its character.

C46 culture process is easy when compare to C45 culture. Once mixing process is done, and then the milk is kept at room temperature (68 to 72 farad) for ripening process. The duration of this process is about 8 to 18 hours.

The period is not standard for all kefir; it may change depends on the kefir used.

The two control factors such as time and temperature decide the taste and thickness of your kefir. If you kept your kefir for the extended time at warm temperature, you would get tangier tasty kefir.

In the summer season, you can make your kefir within 18 hours. If your kefir is too sour, you have ripened the kefir for an extended period at high temperature.

Milk Kefir Grains India : Milk Types

Kefir grains use most of the mammals’ milk for the fermentation process. In the fermentation process, the sugar is converted into acids, gasses, and alcohol.

The fermentation process is often referred as metabolic process. The milk used by the kefir grains are the cow, sheep, and goat. The characteristics of milk differ from mammal to mammal. Flavor, aroma, texture and nutritional qualities are changing with one another. Mostly, raw milk is being used by everyone. Raw milk has not been pasteurized one.

But if people are taking unpasteurized milk, it will lead to more health issues. The doctors are advised to take pasteurized milk, and they requested to give up consuming unpasteurized milk. Kefir grains also ferment some milk substitutes such as coconut milk, rice milk, soy milk and some other liquids consists of fruit juice, beer work, ginger beer, and coconut water.

If the growing medium does not contain all factors required by the bacteria, then the kefir grains stop its growth. Let me give the brief introduction of different type’s milk that is fermented by kefir grains.

Kefir Grains India : Kefir almond milk

Almond milk is produced by soaking, grinding, filtering. Almond milk is the best nutritious drink. The nutrients such as fatty acids, proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals are rich.

If consuming Almond milk, it will increase your energy level. Moreover, it improves your body functioning level. Here I am going to provide some benefits of Almond milk.

• Almond milk will improve your lipid profile.

• It promotes weight loss, and it prevents prostate cancer.

• It will be helpful for you to strength your blood vessel integrity.

Buy Kefir India : Kefir Rice Milk

Rice milk is grain milk which is made by using brown rice, and it is unsweetened. Next to soy milk, and almond milk, rice milk is considered as the best nondairy alternative for people. There are many essential nutrients available in rice milk. Rice milk has no saturated fat or cholesterol, and it promotes cardiovascular health. It is not suitable for diabetic patients. Moreover, rice milk has little proteins and calcium.

Kefir In India : Kefir Coconut milk

Coconut milk is made from the grated meat of mature coconut which has rich nutrients and fiber. Additionally, coconut has body building vitamins such as C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6. It also has some important minerals such as calcium, sodium, phosphorous, and magnesium.

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