Water Kefir: 17 Health Benefits-Weight Loss-Beauty Treatments

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Today we introduce you to a wonder health product – water kefir. You have already heard and used our milk kefir and now with the summers approaching you can enjoy refreshing water kefir at the comfort of your home using our water kefir grains.

What is water kefir? What are water kefir grains?

Water kefir just like milk kefir is a probiotic drink made from a live culture which feeds on sugar. The grains are coagulation of symbiotic yeast and bacteria and appear quite large when compared to milk kefir which has tiny grains of various strains of lactobacillus. Neither the water nor the milk kefir has any grain in it and are completely gluten free. They also are completely devoid of lactose and excellent choices for lactose intolerant people.

What are the benefits of water kefir?

  1. Improved digestion – Water kefir has loads of probiotics which are friendly bacteria for the gut. They aid in digestion of foods and increasing absorption of nutrients from diet.
  2. Water kefir fixes a leaky gut – a leaky gut is where the good bacteria are so deprived their layer has literally holes in it. With the numbers of probiotics in water kefir, a leaky gut is fixed by supplying friendly bacteria to the missing bits of the gut lining.
  3. Kefir boosts immunity – when the body is absorbing more nutrients and is much relaxed due to the B vitamins, the immunity increases. Hence water kefir increases immunity.
  4. Rich in B Vitamins – The fermentation by the friendly yeast and bacteria releases a lot of B vitamins, mainly B1 and B12, which aid in relaxing the body, improving digestion, increasing absorption of nutrients and overall nutritional balance.
  5. Healthy skin – Due to increased digestion and absorption of proteins and fats, the body is able to keep the skin hydrated, glowing and toned. Thus, water kefir helps in keeping the skin healthy.
  6. Improves bone quality – Calcium and vitamin D3 are absorbed mainly from the gut. Because water kefir increases the absorption from the gut by fixing the gut, the levels of calcium and D3 in the body increase. They increase the bone density.
  7. Treats irritable bowel syndrome – Water kefir fixes the intestinal health and makes the gut health more consistent hence fixing irritable bowel syndrome.
  8. Treats allergies – Allergies are long term symptoms of stress in the body which can come from nutritional deficiencies of vitamins and fats not being absorbed in the body properly. Thus water kefir treats allergies and allergic conditions like asthma.
  9. Treats candida infection – A yeast or candida infection is caused due to too many bad bacteria in the gut, killing the good bacteria and multiplying themselves. Thus water kefir treats candida infection.
  10. Changes eating behaviour – A problem among parents (especially mothers) is about the eating patterns of their child. Candida or yeast changes behavioural tendencies of the person to eat the foods yeast craves for – sugars. Thus, by taking care of the yeast infection, the eating pattern is also changed for the person, especially children.
  11. Boosts energy – tons of probiotics and nutrients boots your energy. particularly kefir made with coconut water beats every other flavour.
  12. Prevents Ashtma – Water kefir’s anti-inflammatory nutrients  prevents Asthma causing allergic, stress, hard exercise, and illnesses.
  13. Build bone density – Water kefir Improve bone density and reducing the risks of osteoporosis due to the improvement of nutrient absorption including magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus.
  14. Weight Loss – Water kefir burns fat.
  15. Detoxification – Water kefir improves detoxification process
  16. Skin Health – Water kefir Nutrients have  good benefit for hair, skin  and nails health.By consuming Water kefir continuously you may see the changes of your skin complexion.
  17. Helps to Heal Bruises – Water kefir’s Vitamin C helps you to heal bruises and wounds faster.

What strains of friendly bacteria and yeast are present in water kefir?

Water kefir is typically composed of Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, Pediococcus and Leuconostoc bacteria with yeasts from Saccharomyces, Candida, Kloeckera and possibly other minor yeasts.


Species Lactobacillus
L. acidophilus
L. alactosus
L. brevis
L. bulgaricus
L. casei subsp. casei
L. casei subsp. pseudoplantarum
L. casei subsp. rhamnosus
L. casei subsp. tolerans
L. coryneformis subsp. torquens
L. fructosus
L. hilgardii
L. homohiochi
L. plantarum
L. psuedoplantarum
L. reuterietc
L. yamanashiensis

Species Streptococcus
S. agalactiae
Sr. bovis
S. cremeris
S. faecalis
S. lactis
S. mutans
S. pneumoniae
S. pyogenes
S. salivarius
S. sanguinis
S. suis
S. viridans

Species Pediococcus
P. damnosus

Species Leuconostoc
L. mesenteroides

Species Bacillus
B. subtilis
B. graveolus


Species Saccharomyces
S. bayanus
S. boullardii
S. cerevisiae
S. florentinus
S. pretoriensis
S. uvarum

Species Kloeckera
K. apiculata

Species Hansenula
H. yalbensis

Species Candida
C. gueretana
C. lamica
C. valida
*does not contain C. albicans – the yeast associated with human yeast infections and ‘candida’ in

Species Torulopsis
T. insconspicna
*does not contain T. glabrata, also associated with yeast infections and ‘candida’

How do I make water kefir?

To make water kefir, you will need a starter culture. You can get the water grains of highest quality from Cultures market.

  1. Once your starter culture arrives, open the culture pack and wash the grains.
  2. In a glass jar, add about 500mL of water and mix about 30g (2 tablespoons) of sugar in it. Stir till the sugar dissolves.
  3. Add the water kefir grains in this jar.
  4. Tie a muslin cloth on top of this jar.
  5. Set it aside.
  6. Depending on the environment the water kefir grains will convert sugar water to water kefir. Usually this can take anywhere from 24-72 hours. You will need to taste-test it after 24 hours to see how long you should keep it for. In a warm and humid climate like Mumbai, this will take 24 hours. If the climate is dry and cold like winters in Delhi, it can take upto three or even four days. Ideally your water kefir should taste a little sweet but not too sweet.
  7. Once you are satisfied with the taste, strain the water kefir using a strainer. Plastic strainers are best but steel strainers will also do. The idea behind is to keep a minimum contact between steel and live culture.
  8. The filtered liquid is the ready to drink kefir. You can drink this as such or mix with juices, lemonade, coconut water, iced tea to make a sweet drink.
  9. The grains will be separated on top. You can add these to another batch of 500mL water with a couple tablespoons of sugar in it. The grains will grow each time you make kefir, getting slightly bigger. It indicates the health of your grains. Water kefir grains do not multiply like milk kefir grains but do ensure a constant supply of water kefir throughout.

Coconut water kefir

this is made using young coconut water with out any sugar added. but you should alternately ferment with sugar water to feed water kefir grains.  coconut water kefir  is rich in potassium and enzymes and contains sulphurated proteins that assist the body in cleansing. coconut water kefir is the superior of any other water kefir.

Water Kefir Recipes

How to find out if I want water kefir or milk kefir?

In terms of nutritional benefits, milk kefir has an edge over water kefir in the sense that the number of bacterial strains in milk kefir are far more. However, water kefir also has a good number of probiotics, a lighter taste, a cooling tendency, and a much better appeal in mocktails, drinks and for kids. We suggest both the kefirs – milk for everyday use for kids and adults and water for occasional treat/dessert for both adults and children. Water kefir is arguably the best replacement for sugary drinks, cola, aerated beverages and unhealthy ‘health’ products. Water kefir also is the best choice among all drinks for summers to get refreshed and feel energetic instantly. Water kefir is also the best probiotic drink for people who are allergic to dairy.

Don’t wait further! With the temperatures soaring high, order your water kefir starter culture from Cultures market today and enjoy the healthiest, coolest, most refreshing water kefir at your home!

For any questions or discussions, please leave your comment below!

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